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Class Descriptions
Music of the Plant's & Tree's-Where Art, Science, Technology and Intuition are One ~ Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower
After a short I.D. walk among the trees and weeds on the Blue Deer Centers sacred land, we'll gather at their fire circle to listen to the healing sounds of our green allies, in what Marguerite calls-making contact and communing with plant frequencies on their level and ours. This experience bridges a heart-mind consciousness in that, no matter where we are in our life experiences, it provokes an awe inspiring moment, opening up questions that beg to be considered. While in a transitory space, Marguerite will address recent plant intelligence research along with her first hand experiences, in story form, with Music of the Plants. Please, come, sit, listen and experience. The take home? An evolutionary spark that impacts the world.
Astrology and Herbal Medicine ~ Lisa Fazio
The energetic patterns and motion of the planets corresponds to similar patterns and conditions of life on Earth. The Old World herbalists were well versed in the art of astrology, a symbolic language, that identifies the relationship between planets, plants, human organ systems and the signs of the zodiac. A basic understanding of astrology can be a simple yet powerful tool to have in your medicine basket. We will discuss the basics of the astrological chart, planetary rulerships of plants and how these variables influence health and well-being.
Lunar Magick ~ Carol Simon
In this workshop, Carol will give an overview of our Moon Signs as well as the Phases of the Moon. We will then use herbs, essences, essential oils, beeswax, and intention to create our own Lunar Charms.
Herbs for Pets Using a TCVM Approach ~ Jamie Moran
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is not only a useful modality for treating humans, but can be used for pets as well. Jamie Moran, an experienced veterinarian at Willow Creek Veterinary Center, will discuss using herbs that are good for certain element problems including herbs for the liver, heart, liver, spleen, and lungs in our furry little friends.
Fermentation Revolution: How to create your own gut-healthy goodies at home ~ John Palumbo & Hillary-Joy Pitoniak
As it is often said, the seat of health lies in the gut. Thus, by having a healthy gut flora we enhance our overall health. In this workshop, participants will learn about several methods of fermentation and how to easily incorporate them into our daily lives. Topics will include: herbal beers & meads, kefir & yogurt, 'pickled' vegetables, sodas, vinegars, and kombucha. Participants will even get their own kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Community/Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) to take home. John, a Food Scientist and USDA Food Consumer Safety Inspector, and Hillary-Joy, a biologist and herbalist, are co-owners of the fermented foods company 'Cultured Awareness'.